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Client 3

Ms. Masri helped me with my Green Card application; I had a different lawyer prior to her and it was an absolute nightmare, I'm so glad I found her to help me with my case. The price is fair, the work is fantastic, she is communicative, caring, and knows a lot. My process went super smoothly after she took my case. I'll definitively be contacting Ms. Masri to help me with my naturalization process.
I recommend her 1000%.


Client 2

It is hard for me to know where to begin to tell you about the wonderful representation Karima Masri provided for our immigration case.  I found her firm while interviewing and researching six or eight attorneys and came across Sarah Loftin's highly praised community work.  Sarah introduced me to her partner,  Karima Masri who worked with me and my spouse to obtain his legal permanent residency. 
   Our case had several complications that Karima navigated.  She found _every_ detail and some we didn't even know existed.  Karima was always forthright and made complicated issues easier to understand.  
     My husband and I did what Karima explained was necessary and then we risked everything we had in the U.S. to go to the immigration interview in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  We  were there about a week until my husband went to the interview and was suddenly approved!!!  
   The process was a lot of work and anxiety. We literally trusted this law firm with our future.  Now we know that was the right choice.


Client 7

I worked with Ms. Masri couple of times so far and I’ve never seen a more dedicated, caring and compassionate person and professional that cares about her client and her job. Great job keep up the good work. God bless.

Client 1

In Dec 2015, I hired Loftin and Masri (now The Boutique Immigration Firm) to help me adjust a conditional green card to an unconditional green card following my divorce. Their work on this case was absolutely brilliant and at a great price too. They explained the process to me which put me at ease straight away. There were two main things I appreciated hugely 1) How quickly they responded to my questions (of which there were many!), something rare in the legal profession and 2)
They actually cared about my situation and sympathized with the fact that it can be quite stressful, again rare in the legal industry. I truly cannot recommend them highly enough and I will certainly reach out to them again for any future immigration help I need. Wonderful team!


Client 4

Karima y todo el equipo que trabajaron arduamente en mi caso, mi pareja, mi familia y especialmente yo, E.M. , les estamos inmensamente agradecidos por que tomaron mi caso con seriedad y siempre estuvieron trabajando duro para lograr obtener mi residencia, fue un proceso de aproximadamente 2 años, durante el cual ustedes siempre me mantuvieron informado sobre los avances y progresos de mi caso, haciendome sentir siempre seguro y positivo , les estare agradecido para siempre.
A los que estan leyendo esto y que buscan un abogado para su caso de inmigracion, yo , E.M., les recomiendo que soliciten una consulta con Karima Masri por que les aseguro que ella les dara y les explicara amablemente cuales serian las opciones para su caso, y confien en que ella y todo su equipo trabajaran arduamente para resolver su estatus legal, cuentan con una excelente asistente que siempre les tomara sus llamadas para responder sus preguntas y para agendar una cita.
Gracias Karima, Stephanie, y todo el equipo, por su gran labor, que DIOS los bendiga.
Con cariño y sinceridad muchas gracias...

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